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Monday, September 1, 2003
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Where is the money going, anyway?

It never occurred to me to ask for donations. In fact, it wasn't until a friend of mine, BeefAssassin, kept harping me about it that I bothered to add the PayPal link. However, now that I see people are willing to help pay the bills, I felt the need to let everyone know where their money is going.

The most basic bill we have is the webhosting bill. Webhosting isn't free. Geocities has enormous limits that would pretty much make this site impossible. We currently use the services of Media3 Technologies to host our service. They are an excellent service, and I highly recommend them for serious webhosting. They have an OC-3 backbone and do not have any kind of bandwidth limitation and best of all, if your site goes down at 11:00pm and you're stressing out, they'll call you and help you get it back up! (This actually happened once!) We are currently customers of their UNIX Business Account, which costs $30/month. I'm happy to pay this amount every month out of my own pocket, after all, Lineage Compendium is a labor of love and not a business for me. So, first and foremost, all donations go to cover that fee.

And then there is the future. Lineage Compendium, like Lineage itself, is growing. As of this writing (October 23, 2002), we serve well over 10,000 pages daily and we have more than 2000 users. The more hits, the more people, the slower and slower the site will go. One day, this site may need a dedicated machine to host it and that would cost around $400 per month. Ouchie!

Finally, if there is still money left over, we'll have contests. I don't want to profit. In fact, I think if I do make money, I have to file taxes for this, and I don't feel like paperwork. So, if we have money left over, we'll have contests for anything from in-game items to computer hardware or whatever you guys can think of :)

When people find out that this site gets so many hits per day, they think "Ad banners! Popups! You could be rich!" Well, I don't like ad banners and popups. They wouldn't match the decor. :) I went the donate direction instead.

I want to assure everyone that I'm not greedy and I'm not in it for the money. From July 2001 to March 2002, I never asked for donations, and I was happy to pay out of my own pocket. I would never assign a monetary value for the hours and hours I spend coding the site, tweaking it and making sure that the news is up to date, and the guides are accurate. The coding is fun for me! The programmers out there will understand why. ^^ This site is all about the fans and this game we play. All the money collected will go back into the site for better stuff for all of us to enjoy.

By the way, this was not a sales pitch. Just an FYI. Enjoy!