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/chattoggles receiving global messages
/whispertoggles receiving whispers
/include [player]includes a person for whispering you during chat off
/exclude [player]ignore everything a person says in global and chat
&[text]chat in global
#[text]chat to party
"[player] [text]whisper to player
/accepttradeaccepts /trade command from other players
/autotradeautomatically accept all requests to trade
/getalltoggles automatically pick up all items on ground
/receivetoggles ability to receive items with drag and drop
/tradeinitiates trade with someone
People Management
/addbuddy [player]add a person to your friend list
/delbuddy [player]remove a person from your friend list
/buddybring up the friend list/refresh friend list
/create [pledge]create a pledge
/joinjoin a pledge when facing a prince
/banif you are a prince, removes a member from your pledge
/leaveleave your pledge
/title [player] [title]set a title for a pledge member (prince 15+) or self (40+)
/emblem [filename]allows you to upload an emblem for your pledge
/pledgebrings up a window showing your pledge
/inviteinvites someone to join your party
/outpartyleave the party you are in
/partyshows who is in your party
/war [pledge]declare war on another pledge
/surrenderend a war
User Interface
/bubbletoggles chat bubble around speech
/englishonlytoggles English Only mode
/f[n] [object]sets a hotkey. With [object] blank, it shows what is assigned. /fa lists all hotkeys.
/morphwintoggles the window listing possible morphs
/musictoggles music
/soundtoggles sound
/tooltiptoggles tooltips on the interface
/violencetoggles violence mode (blood is not red with violence off)
Game Info
/checkpktells you your PK count
/locshows your current coordinates
/bookmark [bookmark name]set a bookmark for use with rotc or blessed teleport scroll. With no parameters, shows all your bookmarks.
/who [player]see if someone is online, with no parameters, shows server load
/vershows your Lineage Client version