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Aden Arena Deathmatch * Lineage Tournament (Korea only)

The Lineage Deathmatch occurs twice a day in Giran arena. The times are currently 1PM CT and 9PM CT. To participate in a Death Match, or DM, you need to show up to the Coliseum Manager 5 minutes before the start time. At the 5-minute mark, he will begin taking applications (with a fee of 1000 adena) for limited spots.

From NC Support: "There are a number of factors that influence whether you can get into the arena. There is a minimum level allowed to purchase tickets, but there is not, however, an absolute limit on the number of players. Rather there is a limit to the combined total of the levels of the players in the arena at a time." If you are unable to get in: "What is happening is that the folks that are getting in are managing to select the join link before everyone else and rapidly fill the level cap to where no other players can enter." (thanks leroy for getting that info for us).

Participants will be teleported to the arena. You cannot cast summon in the arena, but if you do summon before being teleported in, your summons will come in with you. You can use potions and magic and you can also attack other players. Death from PvP does not result in experience loss, but death from a monster does.

The match has four rounds. In each round, monsters of increasing difficult spawn (approximately 15 at a time) every few seconds. The monsters are aggressive to the first person they see, normally. The only way to leave the arena is with a teleport home scroll or death. You cannot be resurrected in the arena. After each round, random items will be distributed around the arena for participants. These items increase in value as time passes.

The fourth round is the "boss" round. The boss does drop items, but the other monsters do not.

If you are alive after the match ends (approximately 5 minutes after the spawn of the boss), your score (we don't know how its calculated, but its probably related to the number of monsters you kill) will be compared to a list of all-time high scores and you could be immortalized on the Giran top 10 score chart. Good luck.

Here is a list of monsters and the sequence in which they spawn at the Giran Death Match. You can tell what boss will come by the first monster to spawn.

Other city's Death Match info coming soon.

* Giran * Silver Knight's Town * Talking Island * Gludio * Werldern Town * Scores *

Round #1

*Mystery Mop #1*
Orc Mage
Stone Golem
Skeleton Archer
Skeleton Axeman
Skeleton Soldier
Orc Scout
Arachnevil Elder
Giant Soldier Ant
Undead Elmore Soldier
Undead Elmore Wizard
Undead Elmore General
piles of 1000 adena, 3 clear, 5 orange, 3 cyan, tph, whetstone
Round #2

Skeleton Guard**
Skeleton Marksman**
Skeleton Fighter
Bomb Flower
Snow Tiger
Dark Elf
Fire Warrior
Fire Archer
King Bugbear
Living Armor
piles of 3000 adena, 5 clear, 15 orange, 5 cyan, tph, whetsone, blank level 4 scroll
Round #3

Ghast Lord
Dark Elder
Lava Golem
Iron Golem
piles of 10000 adena, 10 clear, 20 orange, 7 cyan, whetstone, blank level 5 scroll

Final Round


** = Sometimes this will be Black Knight + Black Knight Chief. We've only seen this with Giant Ant as the starting monster.

Boss Scenarios:
If the first monster is.....then the boss will be...
Paper Man3 Beleth
Alligator3 Baphomet
Dwarf WarriorPhoenix
Giant AntValakas
HobgoblinGiant Ant Queen