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Lineage Compendium was founded in July 2001 as It's goal was to server two goals (1) as a way to store information like maps, monster info and item information since they seemed to be scattered across many fansites and (2) to translate the information from Korea, which always seemed to have so much more information and data than the US and gave an incredible advantage to people who could read Korean. Back in those days, amer ran an ISP called Greenmount, which had a 256k T1 connection and a Windows NT machine with an IIS box.

Now, LC is hosted on a Pentium III running BSD Unix with an OC-3 data center built for multimedia grade traffic and security and lightning fast redundant DS-3 connections through Qwest and UUNET. (Not all for LC, but that's the data center we're in.)

Main LC Staff

Name: amer (
Server: Mostly Ken, but also Dep and Test
Playing since: June 2001
Pledges: "In my heart, I will always be a BattleAnt, but right now I'm in a pledge called WebbMason with my coworkers."
RL job: Enterprise Software Engineer for Webb/Mason
Role at LC: amer founded LC with min back in July 2001 Everything at LC is coded by him (we use no third-party scripts at all!), and 95% of the news is entered by him, with the research by line used to give credit to the person who emailed/instant messaged/IRC /msged him the info.
Why play Lineage? "Before Lineage I wasted hours every day doing nothing specific. Now I am doing something specific. Still wasting time, so that's good. ;)"

Name: min aka amateras (
Server: Ken
Playing since: June 2001
RL job: Enterprise Software Engineer for Webb/Mason
Role at LC: min, co-founder of LC, born in Korea, is fluent in both English and Korean. He is the reason our translations are always so accurate. However, amer always posts his translations on the website, so if anything is ever wrong, you can blame amer, not min. Every once in awhile, Min will come up to Amer's cube at work and ask a few questions about the site and they'll figure out a way to make it faster. He's also the official LC optimization guru.

Name: craig aka linspatz, knight, bigpope (
Server: mostly Ken, but also Dep and Test
Playing since: May 1997
RL job: Full-Time Student!!!!!~
Pledge: Vengeance
Role at LC: craig joined LC in September 2001, back when LC was nothing but a silly little fansite that somehow had Korean news. He has been a valuable fact checker, tester and just veteran "second pair of eyes" the whole time. He has also taken on the task of moderating the comments and boards so that they aren't just comment after comment of ridiculous drivel.
Why play Lineage? "Habit."

Regular Contributors

This section is being updated.

Got questions? Email to and we'll update this page with the answers.