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Media Page

2002-11-03Korea Cultural & Contents Export Grand Prize
2002-10-29CESA Special Award for 2001-2002
2002-05-07Kim Taek-jin wins Asia's Best and Brightest Entrepreneur
2002-01-10MacWorld Best of Show

2003-02-10GameSpy.comRichard Garriott, Executive Producer, NC Austin
2002-10-24GameZone.comLance Stites, producer for Lineage North America
2002-10-11Stratics.comStarr Long, Producer, NC Austin, and Richard Garriott, Executive Producer, NC Austin
2002-07-17GamesFirst!Richard Garriott, Executive Producer, NC Austin
2002-03-17Frictionless InsightRichard Garriott, Executive Producer, NC Austin
2002-02-15Inside Mac GamesJake Song, Lineage lead programmer
2002-01-22Electric PlaygroundDavid Swofford, the communications director, and Kyuho Kim, the COO of NCSoft
2001-12-26GameSpy.comRichard Garriott, Executive Producer, NC Austin
2001-12-04Salon.comRichard Garriott, Executive Producer, NC Austin
2001-11-28IGN PCRichard Garriott, Executive Producer, NC Austin [Part 1 Part 2]

2002-11-14Digital ChosunLineage Allowed to Continue Services
2002-10-28Digital ChosunLineage Revised to be Teen Friendly
2002-10-18Digital ChosunGovernment Ruling on Linege Causes Anger
2002-09-05Far Eastern Economic ReviewWinning the Monster Game
2002-08-21Business 2.0Korea's National Pasttime
2002-08-09TechTVRichard Garriott's Good Game Design Essentials
2002-07-01Gamer.tvThe Heart And Seoul Of Gaming
2002-06-27Far Eastern Economic ReviewGame, Set, Match!
2002-04-01MaximBig Knight Out
2002-01-31Rolling StoneFour million LINEAGE fans can't be wrong
2002-01-25Bloomberg.comNCsoft's Game of Medieval Heroes Hooks Investors
2001-11-21Far Eastern Economic ReviewPlaying in the Big Time
2001-08-23Far Eastern Economic ReviewQuest for a Perfect Play
2001-06-04Time MagazineWhere does Fantasy End?
2001-06-04Time MagazineIn a Different World
2001-01-11Digital ChosunSydney Silver Medallist Transforms into Ad Model
2000-04-14Digital ChosunLineage Passes Two Million Mark

2002-09-03GameZone.com8.1 out of 10
2002-07-14Gamer's Pulse41-45 out of 50
2002-04-26Computer Games Magazine2 out of 5
2002-02-14Computer and Video Games.com40 out of 100
2002-01-11GameSpot5.5 out of 10
2002-12-21ESCmag8 out of 10
2001-12-12IGN PC7.8 out of 10
2001-11-29Games Domain3 out of 5
2001-06-01Wewp!8 out of 10

2002-12-19Jude1004.comLineage Forever Technology Preview
[10.0MB - Korea - Streaming Windows Media] [9.4MB - US East - MPEG/no sound]
2002-05-22NCSoftLineage Forever teaser [12.6M - Windows Media Player - Korea]
2001-01-05IanStorm.comDestination Games and NCSoft merger Press Conference