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Our channel rules are inherited from the general irc.stratics.com policy. Violating policy can range in a wide variety of punishments from a kick from the channel (you can just rejoin quickly) to a ban from the entire server forever. So, here goes:

  • Enjoy yourself! Have FUN! Always! (Really! That is why we are here!)

  • Do not do anything to disrupt or detract from the enjoyment of others using the network, to include (but not limited to):
    a) No channel/server/user floods, takeover attempts or any actions that may disrupt the network.
    b) No verbally attacking or harassing other channels or users.

  • The use of the channel as a means to transfer illegal software (viruses, zombies, pirated software, etc) is strictly prohibited. NO file server bots, please!

  • Don't swear. Kids visit the channel. So do their parents. You can live without swearing. Seriously, it's possible.

  • Speak in English. We ask that you do this because most people that play Lineage in the US speak English and speaking another language excludes people who don't understand you. If you want to speak in another language, please use private messages. We want to include everyone in our conversations.

  • Please - do not harass the Staff! If you have an issue with a channel, staff members or the rules - take it to #irc-help and ask for assistance.

  • Keep the peace, have fun! Be respectful of others and the Network Staff!

  • Don't spam the channel by pasting lots and lots of text into the window or repeating yourself too many times. If someone's not responding, maybe they just don't have an answer for you.
    Respect others and they will respect you...