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A channel operator is noted by a @ symbol next to their name. These people
have the ability to change topic, moderate the chanel and kick and ban you from
the channel, but they're just there to keep some order. Ops use their powers
if you are causing trouble by spamming, breaking rules or just causing fights. Ops may even
use their powers just because they don't like you. You too can be an op if
you meet any of the following criteria, after all, it's their channel: (keep in mind
that these criteria can change at any time, without notice.)

1. You are an employee of NC - USA.

2. You are a mature Lineage player that chats on #lineage often and are
capable of enforcing all #lineage and irc.stratics.com policies fairly. The
channel admin (CA) will be the one that needs to notice these things and will
approach you about taking on a role as channel op.