[A] boss guide
We take each of the bosses (one per person) and write and article about it. Then, we pass it around to each other and add to it/edit it until we have something presentable. This can be spawn times (doesn't have to) but should definitely contain strategy, recommended strength you need to be to take it on, etc. We might also need to draw upon interviews with players who have killed the bosses to get a better idea on stuff. This will be a "living" section -- I guarantee people will email me with suggestions and other tactics, so no need to get it perfect first try

[B] user control panel
visitors will be able to customize their homepage (hide Lineage 2 news, Templar), pick avatars (if that's set), maybe titles, etc. this would be the framework for many other changes. Also, I would allow users to choose the way LC front page would look.

[C] Level 15 Quest guides, location hunting guide
Here we each pick a section of the world we know how to hunt well and write about it. I've spent about 4 months hunting Ivory 6-7 as a int/wis mage with no summons, so i would write an article about that, etc. Again, not every area/quest would be covered here, but enough to start a new section.

[D] Stores and what they sell
This is a section which we would collect what items are sold at stores and for how much (and who can affect the tax rate). I have lots of notes on this already, so not too much data collection is required.

[E] reporter character database
Sometimes, I want to run a test on a specific stat and what it does. Or maybe I need a fire elf with a specific CON. This would be a private database for just us which would list our characters, their stats and level so we know what to choose from.

[F] Q&A section (serious, funny, etc)
This would be a weekly advice column. People write in their questions and one person would be mean, one person would be funny, one person would be serious, etc.

[G] User reputation section
This section would allow you to add a person to the database and give a story about how this person helped you or screwed you over. Visitors could then go and add thumbs up or thumbs down to each person and we could rank by total score (thumbs up - thumbs down) to see who is most loved or hated.

[H] Dog Level/HP Calc
A feature from the old site - this would let you estimate the HP of each kind of dog. Requires a bit of research.

[I] Magic Notes
We would go through all the spells and add our opinions of their usefulness and what exactly they do. For example, the amount of damage poison does or the amount of + Fire Weapon does.

[J] Mops and their Locations
You guys are already working on the research for this, but choosing this item would mean that I would start coding it.

[K] Armor Set page
This would list all the different armor sets, their bonuses, etc.

[L] RLPics/Smooch
I don't think RLPics should have comments. Smooch probably should. Picking this would mean I'd actually do it instead of think it.

[M] Castle Control History
A nightly process would track who owns which castle so we could see a historical view of who owns what. I would also hook in a Quicknews for when castle changes hands.

[N] Mop Speeds
We would rate all monsters walking and hitting on a scale of 1 (Slow) to 5 (Turbo!). We might also choose to include a strength scale, but since that's relative to your character's strength it would be more trouble that it is worth.

[O] Glossary
Lots of terms in Lineage which need getting used to. We would add a vocabulary section which would detail these terms and their use.

[P] User Avatar/Home system
We would allow users to pick avatars for personal use. Donors would be able to choose from select avatars which normal visitors wouldn't. In addition, following the style of many Korean websites which *sell* accessories for your avatar, we could get that going. For example, let's say you pick a Knight avatar. Well, for $1, you could purchase a Tsurugi for your knight. Maybe we'll make DK a $50 item and a dragon a $100 item. In addition, we'd code in custom titles based on a couple of factors and let people send PMs to each other on LC. Much more could be added here.

[Q] World Map of Users
We'd get a world map and people could say where they lived and it would plot it out on the map with a red dot. You could see where all the LC visitors were from.

[R] Lineage Stories from old LC
We didn't move some stories over from the old LC to the new Fan Contrib section. This would make me do it.

[S] Banning system
Currently, we don't ban people from commenting or from the site. It seems to be unnecessary, but we could start

[T] Lineage Basics
Lots of the basic basic first time players info is not on LC. This would allow us to focus on making one.

[U] Item Enchantment Guide
This would be a section which discussed zels/dais and their success rates as well as the economics of why sometimes bzel is not worth it.

[V] #lineage HoC FAQ
I am going to start adding my personal commentary to every HoC, but this task would mean creating a section where you could go back and review past HoCs

[W] phpBB look
Our internal forums look like you left the site. This would make me take some time to take a look at it and improve it.

[X] Elmore Hunting
Our elmore drop guide sucks considering the popularity it is to hunt. Voting X would basically make me hunt elmores and get accurate drop rates.

[Y] LCBay
I actually had this idea before LoA was ever announced. People would post the crap they are selling on this with the whole minimum bid, reserve price, etc and then other players would bid on the items. Then, the winning bidder and seller would arrange a trade of adena for the item. After the trade, you could add positive and negative comments to the player thus proving that they are good lcbayers or bad ones so people would know not to trade with them, etc.

[AA] Dog Race/Slime Race analysis
Not sure how complicated this one is, but we'd find out.

[BB] Test SP/INT/damage of spells
AlFansom of Foundation already started on this. We'd help him by adding more spells to the database, etc.

[CC] Comic/Movie page
We'd add a comic section to LC to keep all those comics they keep pumping out.

[DD] Hall of Best Items
This idea is kind of fun. We set up 12 pages (or just 4?) One for each server/class combination or one for each class. Then, we'd ask people to show us their best items. This would show what the "uber-Knight" [or "uber-Dep-knight"] set was for each class or each server and class. As an incentive, I would periodically throw in a free month randomly picked from one of the people who made it on the uber set page.

[EE] NPC Guide
speedlab is working on this. It would be a page linking everything that the NPCs say in a browsable format so we can get some idea of what in the fuck the Lineage background story is and possibly introduce it to others.

[FF] Prerender Monsters Page
Is it slow? This would speed it up.

[GG] Small/Large mop Tests
What a pain in our asses. This would make us test the effect of some choice weapons on all mops. For example, if we use something like a Bill-Guisarme, since it has such lopsided damage (4/11), it should be easy to tell by # of hits if a monster is large or small. Ancient Sword would work too (large small difference is 15)

[HH] Approval Queue
I think we would cut down on the number of bullshit rlpics uploaded if we made everyone get approval BEFORE access. It's also inconvenient. Maybe you don't care.

[II] Voting System
Currently, there's no polling in Lineage with any large numbers of participants. This would prominently display the weekly poll on the main page and its results.

[JJ] Server Differences
This would be a whole page dedicated to how the rules of each server differ. Drop rates, soft AC, everything.

[KK] WAP/AvantGo site
This is a cool idea which would allow you to browse parts of LC from your Palm pilot or cell phone. It would make us pretty damn high tech!

[LL] Resolve mop weaknesses with ddefoe
Lineage Guide has different results with "Weak Element" spell than we do. We'd correct them if we were wrong here.

[MM] Calendar
I think this is pretty important. It would be a calendar of events - what's coming up, events and you could go back to see what has happened.

[NN] offline linweb rankings for historical purposes
Around April of 2002, we had a section which allowed people to compare LinWebs with each other. NC blocked us from doing it, but we could show an old one for nostalgia, so people could be reminded of how cool it was. Perhaps NC would let us do it again.

[OO] Old Site Miscellany
Some other stuff on the old site never made it over. Also, some of the old news has broken links. This would allow me to concentrate on cleaning that up.

[QQ] LC Game
I kind of what to run a web-based RPG which would be slightly turn based and would let you play a variation of Lineage on the web when you don't have a gaming PC or even over the cell phone. *shrug*

[RR] Spirit testing
Since the spirits are new, we should collect some good data on the damage they do and their speeds and regen rtes.

[SS] LoA Drops
We would add/subtract items which do and do not drop on LoA compared to the other servers

[TT] LoA Armor/Weapon/Items
Add LoA objects as well as differences

[UU] LoA Monsters
Add LoA Monsters, differences as well as elven guardians, which are missing.

[VV] Automatic DM scores
This would check the Deathmatch on a daily basis and check for changes. Then it would record changes, write a quicknews summarizing them and allow people to track who has been what place for how long, etc.

[WW] About Page
Lists who we are and some silly answers to questions!

[XX] Linnlog Page
This is like giving everyone who visits LC their own homepage@LC. You get your own little page where you can post kind of a journal on what you did on Lineage that day. Example: "Today, I spent 2 hours hunting Death and Ghosts. I didn't get many drops, but I did meet..." etc. You would also be able to upload a small screenshot if you wanted (we'd control the size and position) and post stuff like "Today I rate my Lineage playing as a 3 for shitty day" and maybe even what you are trying to sell. You could then search these pages for keywords and spend hours reading other people's mundane playing tasks.

[YY] Petition page
Each user would get 10 votes to distribute. Then, they would assign their votes to what they dislike in Lineage. They could nominate an dislike if their particular dislike was not listed (all controlled through us so we don't get stupid ideas). For example, mine would be: (5) Bring back LinWeb rankings! (3) Healing yourself is too difficult. Interface needs improvement (2) Restarting after you SOSC is inconvenient and stupid Then, I would email this to NC on a monthly basis so they knew how we felt about stuff. It would be the ideal petition.

[ZZ]Why not make kinda sub screen for every char in HoF that has more then 1 interview, with links to all his interviews.

[AAA]vote on best players, etc

[BBB]My suggestion is that you make a Lineage History feature where you summon up the history of Lineage and the servers. I was in a situation the other day where I was asked when Ken Rahuel server opened. I couldn't remember so i looked for it on LC, but found it on the old www.worldoflineage.com site.

[CCC] LC FAQ to answer questions i get most often

[DDD] quoting in comments

[EEE] add restriction for users in certain ip ranges that force registration

[FFF] link all articles to hof

[GGG] pricing system with nash

[HHH] RLPic section - don't let people upload too many pictures in a row

[III] tagline to the RLPic page to put in some text.